Who we are

Who we are

“Les Ateliers de Blicquy” is a growing social enterprise. We are an industrial
centre specialising in:

  • Packaging of industrial powders, granules and liquids
  • Metal packaging
  • Industrial packaging for retail and B to B
  • On-site subcontracting



Created in in 1964, “Les Ateliers de Blicquy” is the second non-profit organisation to be accredited as a sheltered workshop with the aim of employing disabled adults. Over time, the idea of sheltered workshops would become outdated.

The establishment of a joint commission for the sector in 1992 is significant: workers can vote in employee representative elections, stand for election and be elected and participate in the drafting of collective agreements.

1995 marks is a turning point: the creation of the Walloon Agency for the Integration of Disabled People (AWIPH), now known as the Quality of Life Agency (AVIQ), announces that the term “sheltered workshop” will not be used any longer. From this point on, these institutions are known as “social enterprises”.

In 2011, Les Ateliers de Blicquy ceases to have non-profit organisation status and becomes an SCRL FS (limited liability social cooperative). This new development reflects the enterprise’s economic situation.

By the end of 2017, Les Ateliers de Blicquy will start the 1st phase of their move to Leuze.


“Les Ateliers de Blicquy” aims to promote the social inclusion of people without access to employment in the conventional manufacturing sector due to a disability.

Today, the enterprise has placed more than 180 people in steady quality jobs that are rewarding and offer opportunities for development. It promotes keeping skills up to date through training and seeks to make the best use of know-how.

Like any enterprise, we have an important economic role to play ensure jobs are sustainable. Customer satisfaction is our goal. In order to achieve that goal,
we focus on excellence. In further support of our goal, we are flexible and highly adaptable.

We are therefore a fully-fledged economic player.

In addition to our interest in social and occupational integration and our economic issues, we are also conscious of the issues around sustainable development.

Finally, as a social enterprise, we can issue AGEFIPH certification for French enterprises, and AVIQ certification for the public sector in Wallonia.