On-site subcontracting

On-site subcontracting

Secondment of staff to your enterprise for your sorting tasks,
handling, packaging, packing, cleaning, painting, tidying,
filing, administrative work, film-wrapping, weeding, maintenance and
planting of paths, parks and gardens.

You will benefit from qualified workers, competitive hourly rates,
flexibility and a quick response on your production site, all
managed by our team of supervisors.

All of which enables your teams to focus on high added-value

In addition to the obvious financial benefits, our service gives you

added social value.

In short, a winning trio:

  • For the worker (stability, rewarding work, remuneration)
  • For the client (flexibility, cost savings, social image)
  • For our social enterprise (our mission, our values)
  • And as an added bonus: for the community, helping people get off welfare
  • And out of unemployment
sous-traitance extérieure en entreprise


  • Competitive hourly rate
  • Decreasing hourly rate depending on the number of people
    Option to supply a team leader on request; compulsory for teams of over 10 people (AVIQ standards)
  • No social security contributions
  • No paid holiday or extra month’s pay
    One all-inclusive invoice per month
  • Monitoring of staff on site by us on a visiting basis (every week) and every day if a team leader is on site
  • Flexibility: option to cancel with one day’s notice before 10 a.m.
  • No minimum required in terms of number of workers and duration (employment of our staff according to your production schedule and your needs)
  • Fast response
  • No cancellation penalty
  • One-off, long-term or open-ended assignments (1 working day minimum)
  • Added social value for your enterprise
  • Motivation of staff, who have a full-time contract via our company
  • All administration handled by us (Dimona, management of sick leave, annual and other leave, etc.)
  • We deal with accidents at work, which therefore won’t be included in your statistics
  • Standard work clothes (including safety boots) provided by us